Injuries and deaths from auto accidents and accidents in the workplace are rising as more drivers take to the roadways and as more workers head back into their jobs after working remotely during the pandemic. The National Safety Council reports that the number of miles driven in April 2021 (the last month surveyed) increased by almost 55% compared to the year before. The number of auto accident injuries and deaths is estimated to go up at least 20% nationwide compared.

As the pandemic comes under control, more people will be commuting to the office or spending time traveling during the summer months. Traffic will continue to rise as people get back to a more traditional routine, and drivers may be more rushed or anxious, which can cause reckless driving and an increase in car crashes. Likewise, injuries from bicycle and pedestrian accidents are going up as people spend extra time outdoors. With more activities going on, make sure you are staying alert. If you are walking, use caution, and if you are biking, wear a helmet; it can reduce the risk of severe head injury by as much as 80%.

Injuries Traditionally Increase During Warmer Months

A bicycle and helmet lying in the street surrounded by broken glass

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the summer months see increased accidents and injuries on the job. Sprains, strains, and tears account for nearly 40% of work injuries, with that number surging in the warmer months. The top workplace injuries are overexertion, slips, trips, falls, and contact with objects and equipment. The Safety Council says these types of work injuries make up almost 85% of all nonfatal injuries. Summertime also brings more construction accidents and more transportation-related injuries at work.

Tips to Avoid Accidents and Injury

A woman helping a fallen co-worker

As your resume a “post-pandemic” routine, here are some tips to avoid the painful injuries that accidents can cause.

  • Plan some extra time for your commute. More people will be crowding the roadways, and you can avoid accidents or injury by not rushing to get to your destination.
  • If your job involves heavy equipment, lifting, or working outside in the summer months, use caution. Overexertion, heatstroke, dehydration, and painful injuries can occur.
  • Are you getting more exercise in the summer? Great! Just remember to STRETCH before, and after so you don’t pull a muscle and end up back on the sofa. If you’ve been out of your exercise routine during the pandemic, ease back into it.

If you do get injured or suffer a car or work accident, make sure you get checked by an experienced injury physician. Our team at Excelsia Injury Care can help you get relief from pain. We treat injuries from car accidents or workplace accidents, back pain, neck pain, head injuries, concussions, and other painful conditions.