Starting off the new year, Excelsia Injury Care (“Excelsia”) joins the global B Corp community of businesses united by common goals to transform the global economy to a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative system. Certified B Corporation companies™, verified by the nonprofit B Lab™, are recognized for meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, making a legal commitment to stakeholder governance, and demonstrating accountability and transparency.

Excelsia joins more than 7,800 Certified B Corp businesses across 161 industries and 93 countries, all who have undertaken the rigorous assessment process to become Certified B Corps. As a B Corp within the post-traumatic injury care sector, Excelsia stands among the forefront of businesses spearheading a global movement of for-profit companies committed to reshaping the perception of success in business.

“Patients have a choice about where they go, people have a choice about where they work, and so I think that becoming B Corp Certified is just another element showcasing that Excelsia cares about its patients, employees, and the community.”

Veronica Murphy, Excelsia’s Senior VP of People & Culture

Companies must score a minimum of 80 points on the B Impact Assessment™ to become certified. The assessment measures a business’s overall impact in five categories: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.

One of the areas that Excelsia had considerably improved its score in over the past several years was governance. Excelsia became part of Bain Capital’s Double Impact portfolio in 2020, an investment initiative dedicated to driving positive and lasting impact for companies, employees, communities, and the environment. The company also brought on John Wall as Chief Legal and Compliance Officer in early 2023, who led the company’s compliance committee and advanced the implementation of policies and operational enhancements.

Excelsia was also proficient in the workers category by expanding its number of benefits offered to employees. These additions include domestic partner eligibility for medical, dental, and vision insurance, a 401K match, company-wide sick leave, more paid holidays, and pay increases.

Excelsia CEO George Goodwin commented: “We are passionate and proud to be part of this growing movement to not only benefit our employees, patients, and suppliers, but strengthen our community in its entirety. Excelsia’s mission is centered on improving the lives of those we serve, making this a fantastic opportunity to continue to use our authority in the field and our impact business model for good.”

About Excelsia

Born in 1993, Excelsia Injury Care’s mission is to restore quality of life through patient-centric care and support for those injured in a motor vehicle or work-related accident. With 60+ patient care centers across Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and Missouri, our vision is to be the leading provider of injury care, setting the standard of excellence in the communities we serve.

At Excelsia, we offer the full continuum of care with an integrated care delivery model. Our diverse team of medical specialists provides the full spectrum of treatment, including physical rehabilitation, medical care, and other ancillary services. We are committed to supporting patients through prompt treatment, successful recovery outcomes, and full management of the complex insurance claim reimbursement process. At Excelsia, your clients are never far from the care they need with the compassion they deserve.