The measure of patient satisfaction in delivering health-focused care has seen a notable increase over the last decade. Individuals seeking healthcare services at the local level seek outcomes that not only alleviate their symptoms but also leave them feeling satisfied with their overall experience. As every patient harbors subjective beliefs and criteria for defining quality service, often shaped by their perceptions during healthcare appointments, it has become essential for healthcare leaders to understand their organization’s current measure of patient satisfaction. Implementing methodologies that consistently uphold this standard at a superior level is imperative for ensuring a high-value healthcare experience.

Excelsia Injury Care (Excelsia) and 60 Decibels, an independent consulting group focused on social impact, conducted an in-depth patient survey with the goal of understanding its patients’ journey and the resulting outcomes. A survey using the Net Promoter Score® (NPS), a common gauge of client satisfaction and loyalty that measures ratings on a scale of -100 to 100, along with other experience-related questions using the Likert scale, was completed by Excelsia patients following their treatment.

Below is a summary of the top insights found from the survey results:

(1) Excelsia Has an Excellent NPS Score

Excelsia patients are very satisfied with the service they receive, with Excelsia acquiring a NPS of +85, meaning more than 9 in 10 patients consider Excelsia to be the best option for the type of treatment they need. This is an above-average score for this customer experience metric, with the healthcare industry average being +58**.

Net Promoter Score Graphic

(2) Excelsia is Considered the Preferred Provider

When compared to alternative care providers, 9 in 10 patients think Excelsia is better than other healthcare providers. Challenges reported while visiting other healthcare providers include an absence of the specific treatment needed, rejected health insurance, an unpleasant provider experience, or inconvenient location.

Bar graph of Excelsia versus other providers

(3) Excelsia Improves the Overall Health of Their Patients

Excelsia fills a crucial gap when patients need it most with 9 in 10 patients saying they have seen their health improve because of Excelsia.

Those who have visited Excelsia’s clinics more than 8 times are more likely to report improvements, particularly in their ability to work. 30% of patients say they would still be in pain if they had not received treatment from Excelsia.

Bar graph showing improvement in patient health

A person’s experience in a healthcare facility is not linear; many individuals consider a variety of factors when evaluating an appointment, inclusive of encounters undergone before, during, and after a service. Patients may reflect on what led them to the appointment and the ease of the scheduling process; they may compare aspects of the appointment to other alternative offerings in the field. They will almost certainly assess the post-treatment outcomes and recovery potential. Excelsia is strongly committed to delivering the best-in-class, patient-centric care services, and it is demonstrated through the insights discovered above.

About Excelsia

Excelsia’s mission is to restore quality of life through patient-centric care and support for those injured in a motor vehicle or work-related accident. Founded in 1993, Excelsia has grown into a regional leader with the ability to serve patients in 60+ locations with 500 employees in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

* A Net Promoter Score (NPS) exceeding +70 is classified as excellent.

** Goodey, Ben. “NPS Healthcare Guide: 25 Healthcare NPS Benchmarks & Industry Guide.” NPS Benchmarks