For people who suffer pain from a car accident or accident at work, the effects can be even greater as they face recovery from the accident’s trauma and the painful injuries it caused. As pain management physicians, we see the physical and mental impacts of pain every day and are fortunate to have a wide range of state-of-the-art techniques to treat chronic pain. Here are five ways to help painful conditions improve faster, often without any invasive procedures:

Heat or Cold, Cold or Heat?

Whether it’s a cold pack or a heating pad, there are many ways to use cold and heat in treating pain. Different types of injuries react differently to temperature, so ask your pain physician to provide recommendations for your own specific condition. There are various cold and hot options for treatment, including ones that penetrate even deeper into the affected muscles.

An ice pack being applied to a shoulder

Make a Move

When you’re laid up after being injured in an accident, the last thing on your mind may be getting up to exercise. But if your injuries permit you to stretch or walk, it’s important to continue doing so. Exercising increases your range of motion and mobility and can help to break the cycle of pain. Talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise, but consider even light movement as part of your recovery plan.

A man using a treadmill

Get Some Help

Pain physicians and physical therapists know the body well and how to help you get back on your feet faster. They can prepare an exercise or mobility routine catered to your physique and injury to help you build up strength quicker. If you do repetitive tasks at work, an occupational therapist can show you ways to do your daily activities without making your pain worse. Ask your pain management physician for the necessary referrals.

A physical therapist working on a woman's knee

Take Control of Your Body

After a car accident or work injury, it’s natural to feel a little “out of sorts.” The accident itself can be scary, and the reality of dealing with the injury can be daunting. All the while, your body, and brain may be shooting off pain signals, which can feel overwhelming. It’s important to get pain care soon after an accident and take control of your body’s responses to the pain as much as possible. Meditation, deep breathing, and other techniques are very helpful in reducing post-accident stress and trauma and also in relieving some pain. Adding things like yoga to your daily routine can stretch and strengthen your muscles.

A woman meditating

Get a Massage

Getting a massage can seem like a luxury, but if you suffer pain in an accident, it’s a vital tool in your recovery. Professional massage removes some pain by working your muscles, and it helps to relieve anxiety and stress, too.

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