Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic technique that uses a magnetic field to provide accurate images of internal structures.

Our Approach

What makes our MRI centers unique is not just our advanced technology and highly qualified staff, but also our total commitment to comfort; we do everything in our power to make the entire experience as pleasant and convenient as possible.

We treat all post-traumatic and workers’ compensation patients

Our MRI facilities accept all post-traumatic and workers’ compensation cases, performing MRI scans on referrals even if we are not handling primary treatment.

Experienced staff

We believe that technology is only as good as the person behind the controls. We are staffed with top technologists who know how to ensure the most accurate results.

Fast appointments

Our scheduling team works diligently to ensure patients are scheduled within 24-48 hours of being referred.

Quick results

Results for our MRI tests are delivered quickly and efficiently in order for our providers to determine the best next steps for treatment.

Stat report or complimentary discs

Our providers are able to order stat testing and/or provide complimentary CD discs with test results when needed.

To help you with your recovery



The best team trying to get my back in check.
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They took an MRI to assess my back damage and determine the right treatment. Now I can move around with no pain and I feel more flexible than ever.
I feel uncomfortable in tight spaces, but the MRI technician was kind, friendly, and talked me through the process. Thanks to him, I was able to relax and get through the tests no problem.
I like having all my appointments—from doctors and physical therapists to access to MRI and X-rays—at one location. Everything has been so great.