Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning is a specific/individualized conditioning program designed to help patients regain their systemic, neurological, cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal functions as it relates to their job demands. This includes strength, mobility, power, endurance, motor control and functional abilities but in relationship to your specific job requirements.

Our Approach

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality work hardening that determines one’s ability to safely and effectively perform specific work tasks without further injury or aggravation of your condition. It is beneficial to all parties when your functionality is objectively measured to determine what you can and cannot safely do on your job.

Centralized care

With all the tools you need to complete your treatment in one location, there is no need for you to visit multiple care centers.

Team of experts

Our team of board-certified providers bring a significant amount of knowledge to our continuum of care delivery model.

Elimination of guesswork

It allows the provider and the patient to clearly understand how a patient’s injury may limit their ability to perform a given job, removing any physician guesswork in determining specific work restrictions, return to work or remain out of work status reports.

Clarified limitations

When your clinically ready to return to either modified duty or full-time duty, work conditioning helps in setting these guidelines for work status in a mutually safe and effect fashion.

To help you with your recovery



The best team trying to get my back in check.
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I have been coming to Multi-Specialty HealthCare’s work rehab for the past few months and have seen myself improve immensely. The staff is kind and courteous and are truly concerned for your needs.
I pray I never need physical therapy again, but in the event that I do, I know exactly where I'll be going!
My therapist got my body back to a point of no pain. I feel like myself again. It was a long journey but I’m glad that they were the ones to help me through it.
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