We love our planet.

At Excelsia, loving our planet is an ongoing project.  As we continue to integrate, we are focused on how each entities’ operational workflows affect the world we live and work in. Throughout our footprint we are working towards reducing our carbon emissions and paper, plastic, and electronic waste.  

Below are the ways we are working towards an environmentally friendly culture at Excelsia:

Carbon Footprint Reduction Project

To address our carbon footprint, a task force of leaders has been assembled to assess our current baseline.  The task force has partnered with Persefoni to consolidate the numbers associated with our gas, electric and other carbon emissions.  Upon completion of their evaluation a plan will be developed and implemented to reduce our carbon reach within the 2023 year.

Waste Management

All plastic cups have been removed from our locations to reduce this type of waste. Instead, a reusable tumbler cup has been provided to all employees for their personal use through their workday at several water refill stations.  This initiative yields an immediate reduction in waste that our team members and planet appreciate.

Environmentally Friendly Vendors

At Excelsia, we partner with vendors such as Cheasapeake Shredding, who help us by recycling our paper shredding, CD’s, computers, and other recyclable electronics.  Our goal is to become as environmentally friendly as possible by finding and using vendors like this across the entire Mid-Atlantic.  

By implementing the ecofriendly initiatives above, we hope to reduce the waste we produce at Excelsia and be as minimally invasive to our planet as possible.