Excelsia Injury Care (“Excelsia”), the mission-driven provider of physical rehabilitation and post-traumatic injury care headquartered in Maryland, announces the start of its venture beyond its mid-Atlantic roots. The company’s expansion to St. Louis, Missouri ushers the leader of injury care into its early phases of national expansion. In doing so, Excelsia is able to provide chiropractic care and physiotherapy to patients at three locations in the Greater St. Louis area.

“We are thrilled to have expanded to St. Louis and are eager to provide top-notch services to this new region as Excelsia continues to grow to new heights. As our locations continue to scale in number, the assistance we can supply grows across the nation by virtue of our amazing providers, who work diligently to improve the daily lives of every patient they treat,” stated George Goodwin, CEO. “We look forward to the successes to come out of the St. Louis market as well as seeing which direction the company will take next.”

Excelsia fills this gap in patient care with the help of Dr. Brandon Maxwell. Maxwell has been selected as Excelsia’s Director of Chiropractic for the Greater St. Louis market, effective October 2, 2023.  

“I take great pride in providing each patient with the best quality care to help them accomplish their health and wellness goals,” said Maxwell. “My focus while working with patients is to first find the root cause of their condition and progress from there to find a solution, whether that be through regular chiropractic treatment or professional guidance. We offer various treatment programs for many different injuries.”

As an established chiropractor with 21 years of professional practice, Maxwell leverages his extensive skill and knowledge to assess, treat, and care for patients suffering from musculoskeletal pain or related spine conditions. His specialties include treating symptoms inflicted by auto accidents, workers compensation injuries, or due to the negligence of another.

Prior to joining Excelsia, Maxwell was owner of Abundant Life Wellness where he specialized in providing care to those with injuries from auto accidents. He is dedicated to delivering effective, post-traumatic treatment and exceptional patient outcomes.

About Excelsia

Born in 1993, Excelsia Injury Care’s mission is to restore quality of life through patient-centric care and support for those injured in a motor vehicle or work-related accident. With 60+ patient care centers across Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and Missouri, our vision is to be the leading provider of injury care, setting the standard of excellence in the communities we serve.

At Excelsia, we offer the full continuum of care with an integrated care delivery model. Our diverse team of medical specialists provides the full spectrum of treatment, including physical rehabilitation, medical care, and other ancillary services. We are committed to supporting patients through prompt treatment, successful recovery outcomes, and full management of the complex insurance claim reimbursement process. At Excelsia, your clients are never far from the care they need with the compassion they deserve.