Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves inhaling 100% oxygen at greater than one atmosphere absolute (ATA) in a pressurized chamber. By breathing this purely oxygenated air at an elevated pressure, 20 times more oxygen is able to travel through an individual’s bloodstream and into the body’s plasma. 

Through the upsurge of oxygen entering the plasma, the amount of oxygen delivered to injured organs and tissue respectively increases, expediting the healing process. The science behind this occurs in a few different ways:‍

  1. HBOT constricts the body’s blood vessels, which reduces the swelling of injured parts of the body following traumatic injury in combination with the rise in oxygenation.
  2. Another property of HBOT is its potent anti-inflammatory effect on injured tissue in the body; one HBOT treatment can have the same physiological effect as taking 14,000 mg. of Motrin, without the damaging side effects as one might experience after ingesting Motrin.‍

For the reasons listed above, HBOT is seen as an effective form of treatment for patients suffering from acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, brain injuries, or soft tissue trauma.‍

HBOT and Brain Injuries‍

Anecdotal studies have supported the use of several HBOT sessions for improving the healing process of the damaged brain. Increased oxygen to the brain promotes cellular function and healing in damaged areas. The reduced inflammation that results then allows for prevention of further damage to the brain.‍

Neurological Recovery Support‍

Several studies have documented the efficacy of HBOT in models of acute and delayed crush injury. Undergoing HBOT sessions has been shown to not only interrupt the injury cycle of brain and nerve damage, but also supports neurological recovery, potentially improving cognitive function, motor skills, and overall quality of life.‍

Excelsia is now offering HBOT as part of its advanced treatment options to promote healing in our patients and support their maximum recovery potential. Launching in just two Excelsia locations within its Pennsylvania Market—Grant Ave. and Willow Grove—this new cutting-edge technology will change the way injury treatment is offered, especially for those suffering from post-concussive and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) conditions.‍