Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

FCE focuses on major physical tolerance and abilities related to musculoskeletal strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility. It assists with treatment authorization or validation, and objectively demonstrates which work task(s) the patient is unable to perform or that could be detrimental to their recovery and/or long-term health.

Our Approach

Using Matheson protocols through the ARCON system, our Certified Work Capacity Evaluator determines validity of effort and uses standardized protocols and customized tasks to establish the patient’s capabilities and recommended restrictions.

Experienced staff

We believe that technology is only as good as the person behind the controls. We are staffed with top technologists who know how to ensure the most accurate results.

Fast appointments

Our scheduling team works diligently to ensure patients are scheduled within 24-48 hours of being referred.

Quick reporting

Reporting is provided within a few days rather than a few weeks. 

To help you with your recovery



The best team trying to get my back in check.
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Dr. Winston’s FCE report was the truest evaluation of my capabilities and limitations, and restored my faith in doctors. He was professional, compassionate, and left no stone unturned in his assessment.
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